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Shannon + Shirley


Shannon + Shirley Are Passionate About Inspiring Others

Our signature coaching philosophy centers around the individual, then the couple.  We believe that the only person you can truly change is yourself.  With this intrinsic approach our goal is to focus each spouse's attention on inward growth and development.   At the end of our coaching process the goal is for each spouse to feel relaxed, recharged, and renewed, and ready to allow their spouse to experience the outward manifestation of the inward work they have been doing.

We believe that everyone can win at marriage with the knowledge, right tools and willingness to learn, change, and grow. We have learned through trial & error, a myriad of experiences, extensive research, and professional  training.  We are evidence that relationships can flourish in ways you’ve never imagined with their signature  brand of coaching. 

We have been married for 22 yrs together for 24. We have experienced the gamut of emotions, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Our marriage has survived infidelities, hopelessness, financial deficits, near death health scares, loneliness, constant arguing, years of being disconnected, and a near homicide/suicide. We lived in a negative and  unhealthy cycle that we just couldn’t seem to break. These experiences are what help us and our effectiveness in guiding couples through the process of achieving the marriage they’ve dreamed of creating. 


As Life Coaches, we are dedicated to providing couples with the tools and resources needed that will help them in realizing their full potential as individuals and in their marriage. We teach couples strategies and skills to building & strengthening their partnership, their communication, their intimacy, their parenting, their family and overall connection. We are affectionately known as the “marriage whisperers”,  here to whisper hope, trust, faith, joy, healing, back into your marriage. We believe in the sanctity of marriage, we believe that saving marriages saves families, and families that are whole help to create whole communities. We are here to help save families one marriage at a time and this can only be accomplished by the wisdom, guidance and direction of God and you putting in the work  !

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