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Shannon + Shirley


Shannon + Shirley Are Passionate About Inspiring Others

Our signature coaching philosophy centers around the individual, then the couple.  We believe that the only person you can truly change is yourself.  With this intrinsic approach our goal is to focus each spouse's attention on inward growth and development.   At the end of our coaching process the goal is for each spouse to feel relaxed, recharged, and renewed, and ready to allow their spouse to experience the outward manifestation of the inward work they have been doing.

We believe that everyone can win at marriage with the knowledge, right tools and willingness to learn, change, and grow. We have learned through trial & error, a myriad of experiences, extensive research, and professional  training.  We are evidence that relationships can flourish in ways you’ve never imagined with their signature  brand of coaching. 

We have been married for 22 yrs together for 24. We have experienced the gamut of emotions, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Our marriage has survived infidelities, hopelessness, financial deficits, near death health scares, loneliness, constant arguing, years of being disconnected, and a near homicide/suicide. We lived in a negative and  unhealthy cycle that we just couldn’t seem to break. These experiences are what help us and our effectiveness in guiding couples through the process of achieving the marriage they’ve dreamed of creating. 


As Life Coaches, we are dedicated to providing couples with the tools and resources needed that will help them in realizing their full potential as individuals and in their marriage. We teach couples strategies and skills to building & strengthening their partnership, their communication, their intimacy, their parenting, their family and overall connection. We are affectionately known as the “marriage whisperers”,  here to whisper hope, trust, faith, joy, healing, back into your marriage. We believe in the sanctity of marriage, we believe that saving marriages saves families, and families that are whole help to create whole communities. We are here to help save families one marriage at a time and this can only be accomplished by the wisdom, guidance and direction of God and you putting in the work  !

are you ready to

help change lives?

Shirley's roots are in service, because of that she attended Oakwood College to study Social Work. She received her BSW and became a licensed Social Worker where she worked for the state of Alabama for almost 10 years. She knew she was to serve but not in this capacity, she went on to explore what her true purpose was and this is where she found herself resigning from her position and never turning back. 


Shirley has always been an ear to those seeking relationship advice or advice period, she realized early on she was gifted in the wisdom she would share with others. Eventually she realized this was her calling, she was so passionate about it she felt she had found something she could do for the rest of her life. Because of this she has been able to help so many people become their best selves and with her partner and husband together they’ve been able to literally save marriages from becoming another statistic. 


After resigning from her Social Work position Shirley went on to study for her graduate degree. She obtained a Ma ED with emphasis in Community Relations. She eventually received her license as a coach and because she is so passionate about being the best she can she went on to become a licensed Master level Life Coach. She has also studied under John Maxwell and is a “John Maxwell Certified” coach, speaker and leader. Shirleys larger vision is to have a healthier community and the only way that is to happen is to have healthy families and healthy families start with healthy marriages. 


Shirley's goal is to make sure she does her part in helping couples understand that divorce does not have to be an option in most circumstances. She along with her husband of 22 years teach couples conflict resolution, how to identify their triggers, tools for effective listening and communication, how to understand themselves and their partners to avoid unnecessary arguments, and many other needed tools. They are so effective because they are transparent and honest about sharing their experiences of pain and near divorce while teaching how to turn it around and have the most amazing marriage possible. Shirleys motto “Its all a choice, you are one decision away from a SUPER  great marriage”. 




Shannon Austin is a dynamic and thought provoking transformational speaker, relationship coach, and personal/organizational development consultant. His story of personal transformation while in the US Army helped to focus his purpose. This story is a moving testimony of what a second chance can provide and underlies the passion of his present mission.  A son of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Shannon has a rare ability to articulate often sensitive subjects and present them in an imaginative and heartfelt manner, that when coupled with his gregarious personality, enables him to connect with the young and the young at heart. His focus on individual and team development in his personal life and public presentation has been the catalyst for an overwhelming demand on a myriad of speaking circuits.  


As a certified personal behavior specialist Shannon uses the DISC model of human behavior to assist his clients in establishing and maintaining solid interpersonal relationships


His audience includes teenagers, young adults ages 18-35, men, women, couples, groups, and corporate entities alike.

Shannon's  mantra is simply this:

Mind over matter; Change your thinking, and change your life.

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