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becoming the husband she needs and wants

Husband is a biographical how-to book for men/husbands working to navigate their way

through the challenges of the modern marriage. Husband allows the reader to take a realistic, and an even raw view at the challenges they face everyday in their homes, and then offers substantive and relevant solutions to the various challenges. Husbands allows the reader a theoretical out of body experience that enables them to view themselves for who they really are, and make the necessary changes if needed. In addition, Husband seeks to heighten the awareness of the reader about the misconceptions and false truths about the Husband institution, and offers a divine and emotionally accurate understanding of the position of a husband within the marriage union.

Husband focus group feedback

"Wow!  To say that I’m impressed with the transparency you both shared in this book is an understatement! If this book doesn’t sell millions of copies I would be downright shocked! I wish I would have been taught by my father to be intimate, have sex with my wife only, and show plenty of affection." 
"This book has convicted me all over again. I must remember that maintenance, transparency, and selflessness will lead to the intimacy and oneness I desire to have."
"Shannon's testimony in every chapter is strong and has that realness that is needed.  I will be in line to get a copy of the finished project.  Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this group."
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