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Why shannon + shirley?

On our 22 year anniversary I remembered clearly the day I told Shannon when he touched me it felt like rape. I remember laying in the bed at 3oclock in the morning as Shannon was sitting up and me asking him what was wrong hearing him say “I’m sitting here thinking of how I can kill you”, I remember the days of me having a long term out of body experience and knowing demonic spirits where all over me, I was mean, cold, heartless in the things I would say and do to Shannon;  I literally don’t recognize that person.  I remember him leaving the boys and I to go be with another woman and her children, I remember him refusing to let go of pornography and finding evidence of it in my home after he’d promise to stop, I remember the multiple infidelities on both our parts and us being completely emotionally divorced. Boy do I remember.....  


But here we are ! You ask, how did we make it through all that and then some, WE DIDN'T GIVE UP!  I’m sorry to disappoint you but it wasn’t just love, it wasn’t just like, and it wasn’t because we felt we couldn’t live without each other.  At times it was commitment, sometimes it was because we couldn’t afford to leave, most times it was because we valued our children’s lives more than our feelings. Who knows, for whatever reason we kept fighting. Eventually that fight turned into learning, understanding, growing, maturing, listening, wisdom, cherishing, respecting, non judgment, loving, touching, kissing, smiling, laughing, eventually WE began to create the marriage we kept saying we wanted. 


And this is why we are SO pro marriage, if we can experience all that we have and make it out to the other side, SO CAN YOU ! Baby, I’m SO glad we didn’t give up. Here’s to another 22 and counting!

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