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finally an innovate effective community that is designed to keep you in a thriving committed marriage and out of the perils and pitfalls of divorce court.


to our community

We are excited to have you join our marriage enrichment family!  You making this choice demonstrates your commitment to developing a thriving marriage relationship.  


If you immerse  yourself into the community, and the process, we believe you'll experience the marriage you envision for you and your spouse.  


If you are single, we seek to add as much value to your preparation process as humanly possible.  We are excited for you and this decision!  


What's Included

Monthly His/Her Workshop

Morning Meet Up Twice Per month

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

1 Live Hot Seat Coaching Sessions

8+ Hours of Marriage Inc Course Content 

(a  $2500 value)

Interactive Worksheets

In-Depth Couples Personality Assessment

Private Facebook Community

Bonus: VIP Discounts on Merch 


community Description

Join our Membership (monthly or annually) and begin with our Marriage Inc Foundational Course. This 8+ hour course with interactive materials is valued $2500 and it features several hours of our innovative concepts that you can start implementing in your marriage right away.

Mark your calendars for our his and her interactive virtual workshops and LIVE Hot Seat Coaching.


Join our private Facebook group and take advantage of other like-minded members who are looking to build and grow their marriages and strengthen relationships.

As a member of our exclusive community you will also get access to bonus videos, freebies, bonuses, discounts on future products and many more!

Here is A Summary of each of our marriage inc Principles for success

Module 1: Proof of Concept


This module will start the process of giving you rock solid tools on building a firm foundation for relational success. In any relationship its not only important to know your partner but to truly know yourself, we breakdown the needs assessment which explores both. We break the myth of compatibility to debunk the thought process of marrying the wrong spouse and much more. If you are ready to start the process of thriving in your marriage this course is for you.

mod 2.png
Module 2: Relationship Organizational Development


This module will deep dive into the foundation of a successful relationship discussing your why, your mission statement and more than anything your purpose. We help bring clarity on why knowing your purpose for marriage is everything. By the end of this module you and your spouse will be ready to take on the world, On purpose.

Mod 3.png
Module 3: Human Resource Management


This module speaks about the important external factors which make a huge internal impact. We teach you how to understand your spouses wiring and why its critical for your connection. We discuss love languages, SWOT analysis and much more that will put you on the road to winning in marriage.

Module 4 Thumb.png
Module 4: Finances


This module is so important, being that finances is one of the top reasons why couples get divorced. We talk about being financially strong not by how much money you have in your account but by how much security you afford one another.

Module 5 Thumb.png
Module 5: Effective Communication


This module highlights effective communication tools. You will learn that most times the lack of effective communication isn’t because you’re an ineffective communicator. If you want to unlock what could possibly be your challenge in communicating, this module is for you.

Module 6 Thumb.png
Module 6: Branding And Marketing


This module helps you understand how to quantify products and services as it pertains to your marriage. We are each other’s customer, and this module helps to create memorable customer interactions.  Reversing how you operate will breathe new life into your forever union.

Module 7 Thumb.png
Module 7: scaling your marriage


This module is for anyone seeking marriage maintenance, we break down some ways to scale your marriage so that it’s truly, “til death do you part all”  while being happy, healthy and whole.
Module 8 Thumb.png
Module 8: Protecting The Brand

This module delves into what we call the triangle approach.  If you do not use these three tools you will continue bumping your head and creating a deeper disconnection. If you desire a love that's  long lasting using simple yet effective techniques, then this module is definitely for you. 

Bonus Mod  Thumb.png
BOnus: the sticky factor


This module gives you a deeper look into the importance of a deep sexual connection between husband and wife.  We discuss the science of sex, the importance of your spiritual connection, being open minded, and expanding your creativity.

Choose Your Plan

Become an annual member and save!
Spread the Annual Membership over 6mos interest free with PayPal.
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    • Monthly His and Her Virtual Workshops
    • Monthly Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
    • 1 Live Hot Seat Coaching Session Per Couple
    • 8+ Hours of Marriage Inc Course Materials
    • Interactive Course Materials
    • Private Facebook Community
    • Couples Personality Assessment
    • Bonus VIP Discounts on Merch
  • Annual Membership

    Every year
    • Monthly His and Her Virtual Workshops
    • Monthly Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
    • 1 Live Hot Seat Coaching Session Per Couple
    • 8+ Hours of Marriage Inc Course Materials
    • Interactive Course Materials
    • Private Facebook Community
    • Bonus VIP Discounts on Merch
    • Couples Personality Assessment
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